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Webinar Software Features That Will Drive Your Online Business Forward

What is Webinar Software? A webinar is basically a combination of the words webinar and seminar. Basically, a webinar consists of an online video conference meeting. It is more than just an ordinary lecture, seminar, or live event which is conducted totally online and watched by an exclusive elite audience. Webinars are increasingly used by large organizations such as hospitals, educational institutions, businesses, government agencies, and even colleges and universities to share information and interact with their members or clients. Webinars are also being used by individuals for self-education purposes.

Webinar Software

Popular Webinar Softwares

As of now, there are three popular Webinar Software that has been proven effective at delivering engaging webinars: web, Zoom, and Live as. Each Webinar Software has its advantages and disadvantages depending on your business needs and budget constraints. However, all three Webinar Software have one thing in common which is that they collect data from the attendees, which are then sent to the main organizers for analysis and reporting. Webinars are becoming an integral part of business communication and can dramatically improve brand visibility, sales, and employee productivity. Below are some benefits of incorporating webinar software in your business.

  1. Cost savings: By incorporating this Webinar Software with your existing CRM software, you can get unlimited clicks, opt-ins, and email addresses which can result in huge cost savings for your bottom line. This is because these systems include advanced analytics tools that can provide real-time statistics and insights about your audience, participants, and participants' demographics. When compared to conventional web-based point-and-click marketing methods, your website traffic and overall return on investment can double.
  2. Advanced analytics: With the vast amount of webinar platforms available today, it is hard to determine which ones offer the most in terms of analytics and connectivity. Some webinar platforms have integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Salesforce, and Adobe Dynamics. Most advanced webinar platforms offer the ability to export reports and dashboards from your CRM directly into Excel or CSV files. These platforms also allow for the importing of data from email, attendees' profiles, and social networks that further increase efficiency and effectiveness when running your business.
  3. Comprehensive reporting capabilities: Webinar platforms that support the integration of third-party applications such as Aweber, Conversio, and Zuul, among others, allow for a comprehensive set of reporting capabilities. You can receive alerts about the number of people who joined your webinar and the number of attendees. You can also view breakout reports and maps that visualize the visitors to your site, click-path data, and sales per source and category. Many webinar platforms also integrate with Google Analytics and Microsoft Health Explorer to track visitor behavior across different devices.
  4. Advanced analytics: The pricing of Webinar Software has started to trend towards more advanced and cutting edge analytics. These analytics systems can detect webinar attendance patterns, user preferences, touch-screen activity, browsing habits, and even more advanced analytics. In addition to these advanced capabilities, some technologies now include a built-in audience and visitor tracking system. This feature allows you to easily determine which segments of your webinar attendance are most popular and which are not, helping you make smarter choices about what products to offer to your live attendees.
  5. More analytics and functionality: As your Webinar Software continues to evolve, you will find that the additional functionality offered by the company you are working with grows and develops into other areas. You may start to see trends develop where certain demographics become more prominent during particular times of the year, such as around holidays or during tax season. Webinar companies will also begin to incorporate social media into their offerings. Social media allows for the publishing of videos, instant messaging, and sharing of data with event attendees through various mediums. All of this data is valuable to you as you strive to meet your goals for your clients and your live attendees.
  6. Higher conversions: As your webinar software matures and continues to be enhanced, you may begin to notice a significant increase in the number of people who are interested in participating in your events. As you attract new and more sophisticated customers, your live event sales will rise. However, you can take the number of people interested in your event and turn them into paying customers by making your presentations even more interactive and engaging. As your business continues to evolve, the features of your webinar software will play an important part in how well your live events run, as well as the success of your future webinars.

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